Sing along with Quin

For those of you making the trek to Columbia Sunday to watch the Jayhawk seniors attempt to close out their careers with a perfect 8-0 record vs. Mizzou in conference play, you will be subjected numerous times to the Mizzou band's rendition of its "fight" song--aptly named, inasmuch as Quin's most effective coaching strategy is to gather his team during a timeout in the waning minutes of a game, utter the single word "Fight," and send them back onto the court. Presumably, he says it with passion. If you have to listen to the song, you might as well know the words, so you can sing along:

Lose Tigers, lose to the Big Blue, You're in the big time when you play KU. Throw the ball away and have no fear, Tonight the Hawks will grab your tail and kick your rear. So lose Tigers, lose to the Big Blue, We'll score many points, and you'll score few. We will stomp you 'til you moan and groan, And you'll wish you'd stayed at home.

Feel free to try this at home.