Pretty much all I have to say

I had about a thousand word post prepared for the post-mortem, but then Mic from Mic's Jayhawk blog sent me this picture, and I realized that it says more than I ever could. For a little history on just who Quantrill is and why this photo says what it does, scroll below the picture. Mizzou.Mizzou fan invokes Quantrill in a post-game gloat.

The history of Quantrill's raid: On August 21st, 1863, under cover of night, pro-slavery guerillaman William Quantrill led a band of nearly 450 men and attacked Lawrence, Kansas, killing around 140 men and burning 80 of Lawrence's 300 buildings. Kansas, was, of course, a Free State, and its men and women suffered heartily at the hands of Missourians for doing what was right.