Keith's ankle

Mark called this weekend a perfect storm weekend, and I think even George Clooney would agree with him. Mizzou hits eight threes and Keith goes down with a bad ankle? Good grief. Will Keith be back for Friday's game? He says he will:

"I'll be back the next time we play. That's the bottom line," said Langford, who stepped on the foot of Brian Dailey after scoring four quick points, leaving the lineup for good with KU up 11-3.

"I don't see this being a long-term thing. Obviously, the (X-ray) pictures will show that, and we'll go from there. My gut feeling is, this will not keep me out."

I would be surprised to see him start, but I bet he plays. This team rallied around an injured Simien earlier, perhaps they can do the same in the Big 12 tournament. Next weekend got a lot more difficult with their failure to win on Sunday though.

Keith's mom was pretty vocal about her son's ankle. From Miranda Lenning's Kansan article:

Langford's mother, Charlene Taylor, said her son's injury was to a bone on the inside of his left foot. She said it was swollen and excruciatingly painful.

"If it's not cracked, I'd say Keith would play on Friday," Taylor said referring to the Jayhawks' first round match-up in the Big 12 tournament. She said that, barring any worse news, perhaps that the injury was season-ending. The coaches and medical staff would want Langford to sit out until the NCAA Tournament. But she said with so much to gain in the Big 12 tournament, her son wouldn't want to watch from the bench.

"If it is not medically impossible for him to play, he'll play Friday," Taylor said. "To help our seeding or to solidify our No. 2 seed we basically have to win the Big 12 tournament," Taylor said. "If it is not medically impossible for him to play, he'll play Friday."