Bracket Projection update

Well, we lost again. This time, an ignominious defeat at the hands of the hated Missouri Tigers, who fought hard, particularly on the defensive end of the court. But there is a certain warmth in the air this week, a tiny hint of green on the tips of the trees. Yes, friends, it is March, and we are nearing, very quickly nearing my favorite days of the year. Some people are born mad, some people achieve madness, but every year, college basketball fans have madness thrust upon them. Two days until the start of the Big 12 tournament. Two days until the blood-drenched streets surrounding Kemper arena are once again peopled with Iowa State fans, wearing red sweaters and yellow turtle necks, with Cowboy fans decked in matching orange socks and shirts, with six Longhorn fans, who, when not discussing spring football, adjust their burnt-orange polos and mumble something about TJ Ford, and most importantly, with legions and legions of Jayhawks, tipping back Boulevard Beers and looking forward to these greatest of days.

Jerry Palm loves KU. After four losses in six games, KU still has a number one seed in Mr. Palm's bracket. Thank Boston College and Kentucky for that one.

Joe Lunardi has decided to award the Jayhawks a trip to Chicago, as a number 2 opposite Illinois. Frankly, I wouldn't mind this at all. Illinois is a great team, and their guards would give us hell, but I can't see myself complaining about a 2 seed in Chicago at this point. Plus, it would be an excellent game, should both teams be so lucky as to make it there.

Stewart Mandel of CNN/SI ships the Hawks out west as a 2 seed opposite Kentucky. Again, I'll not complain of this matchup. The bottom line is that there's not a great difference between a one and a two, depending on how the brackets are ultimately set up. If UNC for example doesn't get McCants back this weekend (as it looks like they will not), they could stumble early in the ACC tournament. If he doesn't come back for the NCAA's, they could stumble there, too. There are just too many variables. continues to have KU as a 1 seed. This week, we're opposite Arizona, who has been surging. I would love to see another KU-Arizona game, although I would prefer not to do so in Albuquerque, where they would almost certainly have a decided 'dry air' advantage.

If you see any more, leave a comment and I'll add them. Enjoy the week!

UPDATE: Friend of Phog Blog Ken Pomeroy reveals the field and says that the Big 12 gets six teams. Texas A&M could make a run, but unfortunately, it will have to be through KU, so I'll not be rooting for them at all this weekend.

UPDATE #2: Phog Blog reader Peter suggests three more projections:

Here are some other projections: Scroll down a bit to "today's bracket update" link. He has KU in Albuquerque as a 1 seed. KU is a 3 seed in Syracuse region KU is the 1 seed in Albuquerque