The Phog Blog Tournament Pickem' Challenge

Dear friends and neighbors, the Madness is upon us. As I write this, the bottom-dwellers of the Big East are hacking away at eachother in the first round of the Big East Tournament. But we at the Phog Blog would like to get Phog Blog readers inolved in the First Annual Phog Blog Tournament Pickem' Challenge, sponsored by the Jeff Graves Haircut Society. Here's your chance to compete against your friends and Jayhawks around the globe, picking the NCAA tournament.

I have created a pre-registration link here, where you can sign up to make sure that you're included in this first contest. You can't submit your picks yet, as, well, the picks aren't yet available, but as of sometime on Sunday night, you'll be able to. If you pre-register, you'll receive a reminder email as soon as the picks are available. You may submit up to 5 different versions of your picks and we are playing for honor, although it is very likely that the winner will receive a wonderful Phog Blog prize.

So tell your friends about the contest, or heck, use the Phog Blog to keep track of your your own pools with friends or office mates. Since we're online, it would be very illegal to involve cash money, and getting shut down and tossed in the clink is not what I want to do this year.

Here's the link to pre-register. It will also be the link to submit your picks once they are up on Sunday. Good luck and email me if you have any questions.