RPI Confusion

Ken Pomeroy thinks that all the pundits, himself included, have been wrong in their application of the new 'RPI adjustment' that gives greater weight to road games. He and everyone else assumed that the weight factor would be applied to both the RPI and the SOS, but evidently, based on a few disparities in rankings (an official saying that the Pac-10 was the 4th ranked conference in RPI and not the 2nd, as all of the RPI-clones suggest), Pomeroy says this isn't the case. Rather, he says:

The RPI is actually being computed the other way. Without independent confirmation from the NCAA - which will never happen - I can't be totally certain. But based on the two pieces of information I have come across over tha past 12 hours, I am certain enough to now post data based on the other version of the formula. The way the Pac-10 would be fourth in overall RPI is by applying the home/road adjustment only to the winning percentage portion of the RPI, and not to the SOS factors.

What does this mean? That the Big 12 is now the 2nd toughest conference. Really it means that it always was. I think 6 bids is pretty likely now, and it could hurt someone like a Stanford or a UCLA. KU is still number 1 in all four aspects of Ken's RPI, and, though, as of 9.30 Jayhawk Standard Time, he hasn't updated his conference RPI standings, but they should be updated very soon, like within the next 20 minutes.

This could end up being nothing, but it will be amusing if the network pundits aren't paying attention and look silly when their RPI-based predictions look, well, a little off.