Congratulations OSU

For a hard-fought win. I know that I'll be cheering for you throughout March, until we meet again, perhaps. I'm grumpiest about the fact that Aaron Miles will lose a game in the race to 1000 assists. He will have to dish about 9 a game at this point and we'll basically have to get to the NCAA title game for it to happen now. He had either 10 or 11 today, I think, pending the final stats, which would leave him at 944 or 945 with six games to go. If Aaron does average 9.5 assists a game, I like our chances.

Today's was a hard fought game between two good teams. Despite the fact that we shot 14 less free throws and were playing without Keith, we were still in it until the very last seconds. I'm disappointed whenever we lose, but this really shouldn't matter much. I think we'll be a 2 seed now, and the only big question is where. I think that OSU and we will be playing in Oklahoma City, unless the committee decides to put it to us. But I think we'll be fine and I'm pleased with the improved play from both Mike Lee and Jeff Hawkins, not to mention JR's better shooting today.

The real season starts this week, so let's hold on tight and enjoy the rest of this ride.

Oh, and if Wayne doesn't win Player of the Year now, I'll be surprised and disappointed.