Mizzou Shirt Preorder

I have received many comments, emails and personal assurances from folks who are interested in what started as a bit of a joke - the Mizzou Shirt. I've decided to see if we can't get some of these printed. I haven't finalized the design, but it will look something along the lines of this:Mizzou Athletics - Celebrating Mediocrity since 1890

I think there were at least 5 of you who had remarked that you had interest in one of these shirts via the comments, but unfortunately that data was lost with yesterday's hacking attack. If you wouldn't mind either dropping me an email at phogblog@gmail.com or dropping a line in the comments section, I would be much obliged. I think we have about 10 of these shirts ready for pre-order. If I can get that to about 20 or so I can get high quality shirts for less than $15, and that's not a bad deal. A lot cleverer dig at Mizzou than the silly Muck Fizzou T-shirts, if you ask me. Let me know, I'd like to place the order by sometime next week.


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