Jason King reveals some of what Self is thinking and feeling in this must read article today. Two snippets for the time-deprived:

He thought about seniors such as Aaron Miles and Wayne Simien, who had played their final game. Had Self let them down? He envisioned all the times he'd have to sit through replays of the loss on television, and about the criticism he was sure to receive. What could he have done differently?

In the solitude of his hotel room, Self's emotions finally got the best of him.

"I cried," he said. "I'm not a guy that does that a lot. But that night I felt like it was OK."

and, in something that I think tells of why we lost more than anything:

Perhaps it has to do with the conversation he had with Miles and Simien on Monday, when the seniors stopped by Self's office. The twosome had been an integral part of KU squads that had won three Big 12 titles and reached two Final Fours and an Elite Eight.

As the three rehashed the season and the loss that ultimately led to its conclusion, Miles gave his opinion on what may have caused KU's late crumble.

"All of us," Miles told his coach, "thought we would just turn it on at the end."

Read the whole thing. And a little message to those calling for Self's job: It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a jackass than to open it and remove all doubt. There are many things about this year that none of us know about this season. Bill Self cannot be judged fairly until we see him coach his own team.