I don't make the news, the news makes me.

Quin supports Bucknell?Now I realize that the Phog Blog is in danger of becoming a rather pedestrian variety of an MU-Hating site, but all of this Bucknell schadenfraude madness is beyond the pale. Take today's article in today's LJW - Mizzou fans are actually gobbling up Bucknell gear. This is pointless. Stop now. This rather silly ploy is more likely to bring the wrath of KU upon you than it is to evoke any level of shame from next year's players. But here's a snippet none-the-less.

One Missouri fan who ordered a shirt posted his intentions on the www.tigerboard.com Web site Thursday: "I'll be sure to wear mine around the KC metro area." Another said the KU-Mizzou game next year in Columbia, Mo., should be declared "Bucknell Day."