KU is still KU and we will be fine.

I'm sorry for the dearth of posting of late. I've had other committments such as a sick wife to attend to and, well, I've been consumed by a lack of things to say. But I have emerged from a week of not really saying anything decidely ungrumpy about KU basketball. My friend and former KU Golfer John S_____ says that every day is a good day to be a Jayhawk, but some days are just a little bit better than others. Today is one of these days.

If you want a little morning reading, I suggest you read about Bill Self's return from vacation. I like Self's honesty, and I like the fact that he's honestly not sounding the panic bell.

Traditionally, that majestic day on which I throw open all the windows and rev up the old attic fan falls on the first day of the NCAA Tournament. This year such was not my luck. That honor instead fell on yesterday, or at least a brief part of yesterday. I take this as a symbolic fortelling of the Spring of Jayhawks hoops that we'll all experience next year.

Because for me, KU's next year season starts today, with the 2005 McDonald's High School All America Game. The game starts at 7 on ESPN, but the Dunk Contest / Three point Contest airs from 6 to 7. You probably already know who wins, but if you don't, you should definitely watch, it will get you excited.

As I said earlier, I'll have a 'highlight' video of the game up on Phog Blog up before too long, with a little help from the Phog Blog videography department. All three KU recruits are on the same squad, which gives a good chance, I think, of seeing them all on the court at the same time for at least a few minutes. I'm predicting a Mario Chalmers alley-oop to Micah Downs, and I'm predicting a really good game for Julian Wright. I hope it's not too good though, because you know that South Bend receipts will be all over the expense accounts of pretty much every NBA scout living.