A roundup of KU's 2006 Recruiting Targets

A buddy of mine took some time to compile a list of KU recruiting targets for 2006. It's tough to know exactly how many openings we'll have, but my guess is between 2 and 3. In any case, I thought it was a pretty good roundup, so I got permission from him to post it here. If any of you have any updates, let me know and I'll update the post.

Here's a list of names that appear to be on our radar. In some cases there are folks claiming we have already offered. In other cases, someone is claiming we could offer and the recruit has interest.

The list totaled 12 by the time I got done tonight. I'm sure there are more out there, but I'm pretty comfortable there is interest on both sides with these recruits. I've added the most current rankings I could find. Maybe others here can find more rankings or info. At least 1 of the rankings hasn't been updated since winter.

Brandon Wright 6'9" 200 lbs from Nashville, TN. He's ranked #3 in 2 polls and #2 in another. Thaddeus Young 6'8" 205lbs from Memphis, TN. He's ranked #4 to #7. Darrell Arthur 6'9" 200lbs from South Oak Cliff in Dallas. He's ranked from #4 to #9 and I know he's a target. Spencer Hawes 6'11" 225lbs from Seattle, WA. He's ranked from #8 to #21 and is said to have KU in his final 4 with CCoC. Lance Thomas 6'8" 195lbs from St. Benedict's in NJ. He's ranked from #13 to #21. Wayne Ellington 6'4" 190lbs from Merion Station, PA. He's ranked from #16 to #23. Chase Budinger 6'5" 180lbs from Carlsbad, CA. He's ranked from #28 to #33. Bryan Davis 6'8" 225lbs from Grand Prairie, TX. He's ranked from #29 to #40 and he's. Jeremiah Rivers 6'4" 180lbs from Winter Park, FL. He's ranked from #32 to #75 and is the only one I found listed as a PG. Christian Polk 6'3" 170 lbs from Glendale, AZ. He's ranked from #37 to #58 (listed as a Shooting Guard) Bryce Webster 6'9" 245lbs from St. Thomas Academy in MN. He's ranked #42 to #72. Dwight Lewis 6'5" 190lbs from Metairie, LA. He's ranked #84 to outside the Top 100.

I didn't see anything definitive on Keith Clark from OKC, but he has KU listed among several others. He's ranked from #11 to #34.

Lots of others are "linked to KU", of course, but I only listed the ones where there was something that sounded definitive about interest on both sides. We've seen Bill's recruiting approach, so we know there are going to be "1st tier", "2nd tier", "whoever signs first", and "conditional" type offers developing.

I don't pretend to know anything specific (except maybe a bit about Arthur and Hawes), just passing along this homework assignment to anyone that's interested. We'll probably start to know more about 2006 recruiting targets by the time the Kingwood Invitational takes place in late April.