Self's impression of the McDonald's High School All American Game

It wasn't just fans who were pleased with the performance of KU's incoming freshman...Coach Self was pretty impressed himself. Said Coach Self of Julian Wright in today's Capital Journal:

"He can do everything, can't he?" Self gushed.

Granted, Self's biased. But he does realize his days working with the 6-foot-8 forward from Chicago Heights, Ill., haven't yet begun. With that in mind, the coach offered a balanced appraisal.

Of the fans' reaction to the Downs familiy quotefest, Self had this to say:

"I think getting out here and getting acclimated to how things are done (will help him)," Self said. "Sometimes, when frustration sets in, it's like everybody, you react immediately without thinking about the situation, and I think that's what happened with him.

"He and the family are real good people who care a lot. He has no experience at all, playing where he's played. This was his one chance to get some exposure. I just think it was extra frustrating for them, but they'll be fine. I've already talked to them, and they'll be fine."