DeAndre Thomas, Julian Wright are Illinois All-staters

Maybe you have heard of DeAndre Thomas. Maybe you haven't. You will know his name in the next 30 days, however, if I'm right. I think the beefy Chicago product will be donning the Crimson and Blue next year. He is planning a visit here in the next few weeks and if the dice roll as I think they will, he'll be the fourth player in this years' recruiting class. He's not listed among the top recruits in most of the recruiting services, but he's no less a player for that. You see, he lost upwards of 30 pounds this season and became the Chicagoland player of the year in doing so (over the much-celebrated Julian Wright, who did win Mr Basketball in Illinois and UNC McDAA Bobby Frasor). He's a menace down low and at 6'8" 270 pounds, he's basically immovable. He's blessed with good hands and is an excellent rebounder. And if it makes you feel any better, he was named AA All-State along with Julian Wright and Bobby Frasor (UNC). Says that article of Thomas:

Thomas, a 6-8 center, is regarded by many as the state's most dominant post player. He averaged 22 points, 13 rebounds, five assists and three blocks. Illinois and Kansas are among the schools recruiting Thomas.

I think Galindo will transfer, and I think Thomas will be his replacement, though he'll fill a completely different position.

Julian Wright was also named to the All-State team. I assume you know a little more about him. If you don't, just do a Phog Blog search for Julian Wright and you'll find some info. You will also be amazed if you watch the McDonald's highlight video. There's an article here about his winning Mr. Basketball for Illinois. Congratulations Julian.