Go Heels?

I suspect that there are thousands of people out there that are having the same mixed emotions that I'm having today. Fear, that Roy will finally win his title. Fear, that Roy will choke and be denied again? Anger that during this title run, Dean Smith is behind the bench cheering, rather than trying to lure Roy back to Chapel Hill. As Kansas fans, we find ourselves in the ultimate conundrum this morning. Well, I have to go on record here and say that as of 11:01 CST today, I'm rooting for The Heels tonight. I posted in more private KU forum to which I belong about a week ago that the ideal situation would be for NC to lose in the final game to Illinois. Partly because I thought Illinios was the only team that had a chance to beat them, and partly because I wanted Self to somehow get some credit for recruiting those players. However, over the last few days I've realized that while the former may be true, the latter is definitely not the case. I don't think Self will get an ounce of credit for building that squad at Illinios, but who knows. A lot of my angst came from the Bucknell loss as well, and I was simply pissed off that I drove all the way to OKC to see that loss. But, this morning, I've changed my mind. Go Heels! The reality of the situation is that Roy clowned us two years ago when he went to NC, and yes he did it in a rather unsettling fashion. BUT...I've come to realize that he is a good man, and he is human. I've met him on 2 occasions, and he's been nothing but cordial to me. In addition, If I were coaching somewhere for 15 years, and Kansas came knocking.....I'd be on the first plane back to Lawrence. I hope Roy gets his title, and he can move on to being the head coach at North Carolina rather than the former Kansas Head Coach. So, let me know what happens, because I'll be watching the Royals tonight. ;-)