Weber's Last stand and Rather Amazing Facts

As the dust settles, I'm glad Roy won. I don't think I'm one of these Kansas fans that's embittered and hurt that he left KU and wishes pain and suffering on him and his from this day forward. Truth be told, I don't think there are a lot of those fans floating around. I'm a KU fan who didn't like the fact that Roy left under the circumstances that he did, going to a UNC which dropped Matt Doherty as if on purpose just before the 2003 Final Four to put more pressure on Roy. I was disappointed that he took Matt's job and I'm convinced that Matt could have kept his job had not Roy made some sort of hint to the effect that he was unhappy at Kansas under Al Bohl and that he was regretting his decision. He's at a rival school now and that's about all I feel. Except I was glad that he got his title out of the way and, indeed, as I said last night, I hope it was worth it. In terms of basketball, it was an excellent game. Ken Pomeroy provides some interesting facts:

The only time a team shot fewer free throws in the championship game was Dartmouth in 1944!! It was also the most threes shot in finals history. But considering there have only been 19 championship games played with a three-point line, that doesn't put the feat in proper perspective. It was the fourth-most threes shot in any tournament contest - a total of 1,202 games. Luther Head shot 16 threes on his own, equaling the UNC team attempts and breaking the individual finals record by three.

Read Ken's summation. It's quite good.

My question is this: Will Weber and the Illini recover? His team was made up of 90%+ of Bill Self's recruits (in terms of scoring..ok if you're going to be picky, I think Lon Kruger recruited one of them) and while they had a great year, they didn't win. They lost nearly all the good recruits in Illinois to other teams. They will probably pick up DeAndre Thomas now that it appears that the scholarship I thought was going to him is going to Chris Moody, and I guarantee he'll be a strong player for them. But otherwise, the shopping list doesn't appear to be as robust as what is already in the cupboard.