Dwight Lewis not committed to KU

Update: The Slant is now reporting that Lewis is backing off his committment, or that maybe he never committed, or that, well, who knows anymore...:

"Dwight is still very high on Kansas," Dwight Lewis, Sr., told JayhawkSlant.com. "He is still very much interested in attending the University of Kansas. However, I think that he wants to take some official visits before he actually makes a final decision...

Why does it have to get weird? Either news travels very slowly in Louisiana, or something strange is afoot. Randy Rosetta of the Baton Rouge Advocate today writes that "it turns out the demise of LSU's recruiting pursuit of Lewis was exaggerated." Rosetta goes on to explain a few more surprising things about Lewis's committment, or lack thereof:

"Dwight has not committed to Kansas," Rummel coach Steve Alfonso said emphatically Wednesday morning, repeating a spiel that he repeated several times during the day. "It's down to LSU and Kansas, but nothing has been decided between those two."

Evidently, the confusion, which none of the local papers have picked up on yet, is due to Dwight Lewis Sr's comments earlier this week. You may remember that he said there's no use prolonging it. Earlier this week, it was supposedly between Oklahoma and KU. Then Lewis 'picked' KU. Now LSU is back in the picture? I'm generally more inclined to listen to the father in this situation, rather than the coach, but it's all getting rather strange. First the coach talks to the Kansas media folks, laying down all sorts of money quotes about Dwight's shooting ability, about his scholarship, about his lack of truancy, and the next day he's emphasizing very clearly that young Dwight has not chosen Kansas.

Now, even his dad is backpedaling. A few days after saying of his son, "He's definitely going to Kansas," Lewis Sr. now says the following, according to Coach Alfonso:

"The Internet people called him and asked him about Dwight Jr. visiting Kansas and how interested he was in Kansas, and somehow that got turned into a solid commitment," Alfonso said. "The bottom line is this: It's going to either be LSU and Kansas and LSU is still very much alive. What Dwight has definitely decided is that it's down to just those two."

I do not like the way that this is going, but I think it will resolve itself nicely. Still, it's not just the "internet people" that got fooled...it's every major newspaper around here. Did they not bother to confirm the story? Did Shay Wildeboor somehow wildly exagerrate Lewis Sr's comments?

I bet we find out soon. And Lewis is coming here one way or the other, so hopefully it will straighten itself out.