DeAndre Thomas celebrates mediocrity, commits to Mizzou

DeAndre, DeAndre, why did you have to make it personal?

"Illinois stopped calling me and it was like Kansas put me on hold to see if one of their players was transferring. Now, it's all about payback, because I get to play against both of them."

I was really looking forward to DeAndre Thomas. I was looking for a way we could get him to be a Jayhawk. And then kid's gotta go and say something stupid like that. Yes, folks, DeAndre Thomas, who just weeks ago looked set to be a Jayhawk, is now committing to the University of Missouri. A bad move, we all know, made worse by the gratuitous loud-mouthing about payback.

For the record, KU didn't have a scholarship for you DeAndre, so the only option we had was to see if someone transferred. I apologize if that comes off as a diss, but for crying out loud, there was very little that could be done outside of forcing someone out. Moody has paid his own way for years and I think he deserves a little payback for that himself.

You could have made your career at Mizzou a little easier by not calling out two rivals who have beaten you senseless time after time for the last five years. Now you'll be wearing a big target on your back whenever you enter Lawrence, KS or Champaign, IL. Like I said, I was pulling for you, but man, you didn't help yourself at all.

See you next year and best of luck at Mizzou.