Quin on Bourbon Street

Update: After thinking about it a little further, I have decided to remove the Quin Snyder photo. From what I've been able to put together, Quin was likely in town for the Jazz Festival with his wife, and had a few drinks on Bourbon Street before running into some Jayhawks out for a bachelor party. While I'm always keen to have a little good spirited fun at the expense of Mizzou (something that won't change any time soon, I might add), I felt that the picture was perhaps a little too easy to take out of context, and that I really don't wish Quin or his family any grief. If I have caused any grief to Quin or his family as a result of my posting the image, I am truly sorry. If I've severely disappointed KU fans who enjoy a good-natured poke at Quin in a humble moment, I apologize for the disappointment - I just thought it better to play it safe and retreat a bit.

The more I know about the situation, the less it seems like a Eustachy moment, and the more I feel like I wouldn't want a date with my wife published across the internet for all to see.

What's more, in talking to a buddy about the KU-MU rivalry of old, and the way in which KU treated Norm very well when he was honored at the Fieldhouse a few years back, and the way in which Roy and Norm worked together for the Coaches versus Cancer program, I just got the feeling that I didn't mind a spirited rivalry, but there's no reason it has to be personal. Maybe posting the picture wasn't personal - I certainly didn't intend it that way. I was actually encouraged by a Bucknell-hat wearing Mizzou fan (no kidding). Anyway, it's getting late, so I gotta sign off. Apologies for all the drama - I'll try not to post anything that I'll later feel inclined to remove.

-The Phog