Bill Self says the right thing

Despite the rather heated debate regarding the fate of JR Giddens, I've refrained from commenting for the most part. I haven't been ready to convict JR based on the opinions of a few observers and I'd rather wait and see. However, I do like what I'm hearing from Bill Self:

"It is safe to say that J.R.'s return will be my decision. And then after it is my decision, it'll be J.R.'s decision to decide if, in fact, he can live by the terms of his returning,"

And also, regarding Matt Kleinmann, who got himself and M.I.P (Minor in possession of alcohol) back in April, Self had this to say:

"Matt is a good person, usually responsible," Self said. "On this occasion he did not represent himself and our program in a positive light. We have dealt with it accordingly. We have talked about the relationship he'll have with us (in future)."

Perhaps Self gave the kids too much credit and that's why we've seen a few incidents. I personally hope that the leash is a bit shorter from now on.

Both quotes from the LJW.