More info on the JR story

Much less incriminating that what we have previously heard as the story continues to work its way out. One key witness say that it wasn't JR who instigated the fight:

"That's not the way it happened," said Marcus Knight, a Lawrence resident who, along with his cousin, Preston Patterson, entered the bar's parking lot shortly before the fight began. [snip]"I can't say who it was that threw the first punch. I don't know the dude," Knight said. "But it wasn't Giddens. He was back behind the car there in the parking lot. He was yelling and stuff, but he wasn't up there throwing punches."

The article goes on to suggest the following:

sources familiar with Giddens' account of the stabbing told the Journal-World that Giddens had joined the group of four, but did not strike Creswell.

Giddens was stabbed, they said, after he turned his back on the melee.

I think that Jayhawk fans will be happy with the conclusion of this mess, and even happier with the way that Self and Co. will have handled. Call it a funny feeling...