Drew Lavender Transfers to Xavier

We thought it might happen, but now it is official. Drew Lavender, the diminutive but hearty point guard for the Sooners, has started classes this summer at Xavier. There are not a lot of details, but we at the Phog Blog suspect that the emergence of young Everett may have had something to do with his decision. That and that the oat-fed, jean-short wearing Norman girls just wouldn't give him the time of day. Is the Big 12 wide open? Is Mizzou primed for a run, then a jog, then a walk to the NIT? Will Texas try to buy another title? Will Kelvin Sampson rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of what his team should have been? Will a youthful KU, complete with a newly focused and hopefully more responsible JR Giddens emerge in February as the team to beat, spreading peace and happiness to old folk's homes and packed arenas?

Look at what you're missing Drew, it's going to be an exciting year.