Ughhh. Make it stop. Someone make it stop

Bucknellians rejoice. You have been nominated for an ESPY. Your moment in the sun, which I thought to be waining, now appears to be waxing again. Yes, dear Jayhawks, you must now avoid the ESPY ceremony for fear of enduring shame. Now, after purchasing the decorations and everything, you must cancel your ESPY party. You must try to find a way to make the word ESPY, which you carved into your hair, appear more natural, or spell some other word, like SESPY.

For there is no joy in Lawrence today as the folks at Disney/ABC/ESPN have decided that the Bucknell Bison over KU was one of the biggest upsets of the year.

I could say that it is an honor that to be beaten by a quality team such as the Bucknell is considered a great upset, but I would be disingenuosly lacing my sour grapes with an artificial sweetner such as Nutrasweet or perhaps Splenda. Click here to vote. Please vote your conscience.