Another Giant Baby Born

Giant BabyRegular Phog Blog readers know that I normally cover things related specifically to KU. Long time Phog Blog readers may have noticed that I make a special exception for the Giant Baby stories which appear from time to time in the national news. I'm not talking your average ten or twelve pound brats that have to be cut from their mothers' wombs, I'm talking toddler sized infants appearing from the womb looking ready to don a pair of Hush Puppies and trot off to Kindergarten to steal other kids' food. The latest of these giants is Delaney Jessica Buzzell, aka "The Big Enchilada". Hopefully for her sake, she is not like her namesake, filled with greasy cheese and beancurd. At least not yet!

You know you have a big baby when the nurse says something like this: "It was ready for a steak, it had quite an appetite."

You'd think that the nurse would realize that when talking about enchiladas, as when talking about ships, one uses the feminine, i.e. "She was a very nice enchilada, dripping with cheesy goodnes, gentle but firm as she tickled her way down my esophagus into the open arms of my greedy belly."