From this day forward, Wayne Simien shall be referred to as "Draft Bargain" Wayne Simien

Miami got Wayne. I've had had Will "Bienvenido a Miami" Smith pumping in my head now for what seems like hours. I wonder what San Antonio was thinking when they made the pass. I wonder what Portland was smoking, correction, I confirmed that the Portland management also smokes the fat buddha in the off-season when they selected Linas Kleiza ahead of Wayne. But I'm happy that Wayne will be joining a good team and will have a chance to start from day one.

Congrats Wayne, on earning some guaranteed money. Please don't use it to buy a hunned thousand dolla car, even though everybody's got'em.

UPDATE: Stephen Duncan Jr., who isn't, I gather related to Tim Duncan, but who is a big Spurs and Jayhawks fans offers some reasons why San Antonio passed on Wayne here and here. RD Baker notes that with the departure of Udonis Haslem (and the gentrification of Christian Laettner), Wayne could be looking at a starting roll playing forward opposite Shaquille O'Neal. If he could only shoot freethrows on Shaq's behalf, the Heat would be unbeatablee.