Mario Chalmers' Dad Ronnie hired by KU

I know this is going to upset some people and will of course bring about the inevitable "KU bought a player" recriminations, but the bottom line is that the Chalmers family was going to move to Lawrence anyway, and he's qualified for the job. When the Chalmers thought they'd be moving to North Carolina, they purchased a home in Charlotte which is still on the market. For this scenario to play out as the conspiracists among you would have you believe, KU would have had to furtively helped Ronnie Chalmers buy a home in Charlotte before Mario ever visited KU, then kept the home on the market by hiring incompetent realtors, all after they arranged to keep a job open for 18 months specifically for him, only to get Mario's commitment and then, 11 months later, offer the job to Ronnie publicly.

I'm gonna have to pull out Occam's razor here today. The simplest explanation - that it was a good fit - is the best.