JR Giddens is Transferring

I found out via cell phone. Everyone already knows about it, but I suppose I must post away to keep the man happy. We will be losing nearly all of our scoring from last year and all starters except for Moody. It will be an eventful year, I think. We at the Phog Blog certainly do wish the best for JR and his family, and wish him a speedy recovery. I have no doubt that he will have learned some rather hard lessons in the past month and half or so, and a fresh start will likely give him a chance to apply those lessons to his life without the jeers of our Big 12 competitors, and outside of the unclosing eye of the Jayhawk fan folk. It is a rather sad way to see it end, if indeed this is the end.

I wonder if Alex Galindo is second-guessing himself now...

Good luck JR.

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