Giddens really to New Mexico?

Well, forget my idle speculation yesterday, Giddens is closer to being a Lobo than I thought. The LJW reports that JR's actually visiting New Mexico this week. I can see for a lot of reasons why it would make sense, I guess. Coach McKay is a class act and runs a pretty tight ship (according to one poster on the, he won't let his players curse - I hear he got this policy from the Phog Blog comment policy, but, you know that's just a rumor). Plus, it's not all that far from his home town - about 542 miles acording to Google Maps. And more importantly, at virtually the same latitude! Said Giddens:

Attempts by the Journal-World to contact Giddens on Thursday were unsuccessful, but he did tell the Journal, "If everything's as good as I've heard it is, I might not take any other visits."