Not another driveway Press Conference?

Discretion is proving to be the better part of valor for Marian Washington and Lynette Woodard, who have decided to more research before speaking to the press officially. Blue horseshoes says this is the last time we'll hear of this.

"We are actually going to do our own research on this whole thing and have a release or press conference," Washington said Monday. "Lynette (Woodard) will be able to speak to things once we are very clear as to what has happened. She has a lawyer. Everything will happen through her lawyer...I want to make sure to take my time in going through things," Washington said. "Obviously, there is disappointment. In time we'll talk about these things."

I think that Coaches Woodard and Washington have made a great decision. Both have made tremendous contributions to the University. If they bring too much attention to this, it will be their legacy - why do that?