Mizzou O'Possum Opossum Scandal Update

We would be remiss if we didn't update long time Phog Blog readers on a story we broke several months ago. You may remember the twisted tale of Zachary Famuliner and Adam Thomas, Mizzou students who in an effort to win a fraternity contest, collected both live and dead O'Possumsopossums in a barrel. They were charged with animal cruelty among other things (actually Famuliner was charged with the cruelty and Thomas with possession of wildlife). Well, this sad story has come nearly to conclusion - both boys were found guilty and sentenced, the former to a couple of weeks of community service and counseling along with a fine, the latter just a fine. According to this article, the crimes won't be on the boys' permanent records. Says the article:

But Connie Sullivan, Boone County assistant prosecuting attorney, said the decision to keep the charge off Famuliner's record was too lenient.

Ms. Sullivan can take solace in the fact that the boys wont escape their ignominy so easily, as any future employer or would be parents-in-law will discover when they find the pair's deeds permanently etched into Google, Yahoo and MSN.

And Justice is Searched.