Jeremiah Creswell Update

Courtesy of the Kansas City Star:

Before Creswell pleaded guilty, Ornburn told the court that the prosecution was prepared to prove that Creswell had pulled a knife, pointed it at his uncle and threatened to stab him. After his uncle left the house and called police from another location, Ornburn said, Creswell held his mother at knifepoint and threatened to stab her. She eventually left the house.

Police arrived and ordered Creswell to leave the residence. He complied, and in the kitchen, Ornburn said, authorities found two knives that matched the description of weapons that his uncle had described to police.

Sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 6. The plea agreement called for both sides to recommend probation with 60 days' "shock time" in the Johnson County Jail, where Creswell is being held.