Deja Lewis again!

Eric Bossi is reporting that Dwight Lewis is back on the market again?

After playing at the NBPA Top 100 Camp, the Reebok ABCD camp and competing in the Adidas Super 64 with the New Orleans Jazz, it looks like Lewis has decided to reopen his recruitment. spoke with Lewis' high school coach Steve Alfonso who confirmed that his player was back on the open market.

"Yes, he has reopened his recruitment," said Alfonso. "I don't really know why yet, but he has decided to reopen things."

At this point it is unclear who else will jump into Lewis' recruitment. However, according to Alfonso there is still a scholarship offer on the table from the Kansas staff.

"It's reopened but the scholarship offer is still on the table from Kansas," said Alfonso. "I think he just wants to explore some other options right now.

Could have Bill and Co.'s interest in the latest Rush brother given Lewis time for pause, or is it the other way around - that Dwight Lewis's ambivalence have given Self reason to seek some preemptive insurance in Rush?