Brandon Rush to KU or Indiana (or Illinois)

We read yesterday that prep phenom Brandon Rush had trimmed his list to two after having removed Illinois from consideration. But according to his AAU coach, Jimmy Walker, the LJW may have been a little trigger happy in pronouncing as much. In the KC Star today, Jason King reports that all three of Brandon's big three are still in contention, at least according to Walker, who says that the reports that Rush had dropped the Illini were, well, not exactly true:

"I think Brandon got misunderstood a little," Walker said. "(Illinois) was third when it came to some certain criteria we were talking. But I wouldn't say they're eliminated."

It looks to me as if Walker was doing a little damage control regarding the Illinois situation, because maybe Brandon didn't want that bridge burnt. You can almost never tell in the surprise a day soap-opera that has become high stakes college basketball recruiting. Soon we will discover that Brandon Rush actually shares DNA with his brothers (gasp)!

Meanwhile, the LJW is backpedaling ever so slightly in regard to young Rush (whose name I've written so many times lately that I feel like it's 1981 again, and I'm the poor intern doomed to actually typing out the billboard lists on a monstrous "computator") in an article by the dependable Gary Bedore, who added both a small caveat regarding Walker's remarks in the article body, and a sardonic 'sort of...' to the headline (does Gary do his own headlines?)...

What does this mean to you, intrepid Jayhawk fan? Next to nothing. You have next to no control of this situation. Like a passenger in some zany car trying to jump the Grand Canyon stunt, you must sit and watch, powerless to determine whether you make the gap and become a de facto symbol of American success or crash violently and miserably into the sedimentary rock walls.

You are in the air, intrepid Jayhawk fan, and we will know your fate by the end of the week, with any luck, unless you land halfway on the edge in your silly stunt, and then, well, it becomes another waiting game. I still predict that you make it and become a hero.