Brandon Rush Saga Continues

Jason King, who has been hedging on any commital language since day one, wrote today that KU has the edge with highly touted recruit Brandon Rush. At this particularl moment in time, King's article isn't showing up online, or rather the link to the article is said to contain no data. Also, it's not on their KU page, so either they're pulling the article for some strange reason (the commitment is in place or not in place and they want to update it?) or they're just having some database issues. If anyone else can see this link, let me know, and i'll update this post accordingly. The Journal-World agrees with King's titular assertion (although it takes a while to get there), saying,

...KU is obviously the heavy leader with one source indicating Rush returned to Lawrence from KC this week after his official visit to hang out with some of the KU players. Sources close to the Rush family have said that today figures to be decision day, one source indicating Rush has said he will announce for Kansas today.

The NCAA clearinghouse issue is still an issue though. I'm no rules junkie, but I don't think Brandon can receive a scholarship until he is cleared. Furthermore, I think that he can't enroll until he gets a scholarship. So it could be a while before we know know, as it were.

Still, as I said yesterday, I believe that Brandon Rush will play at KU.

I have my reservations given KU's history with the Rush family, but I think the potential upside (having Rush play and play well) is greater than the potential downside (having Rush and having Rush's leg getting slashed in a bar fight).

We'll know today?