Memorial Stadium getting a second video board

I missed this one until just now. For all of you folks who become violently agitated when viewing your football replays at extremly oblique angles, you can now raise your rage-torn hands in jubilation, because KU has forked over 3 mil to get you a new Megavision board on the North Bowl of Memorial Stadium:

The Memorial Stadium board, manufactured by Daktronics, was a part of what Marchiony said was a $3 million project that included the new video board at Allen Fieldhouse. That board was installed earlier this month as part of a $12 million renovation to the fieldhouse that includes new lighting, a new floor, new windows and a new sound system. All that work is expected to be completed before the start of basketball season.

Will it be up this season? If so, please KUAD, play the Appalachian State recruiting video when they visit. In fact, if any of you Phog Blog readers can successfully hack into KU's system such that you are able to display said video , I will personally shake your hand, rather than having one of the Phog Blog interns do it for me.

That, dear friends, is a challenge!