Brandon Rush to finalize decision on Monday

Or so Eric Bossi is reporting. PB reader BHarger also sent in the following tip, which many of you may already know.

Darrell Arthur, a dynamite big man out of Texas, has confirmed that he will make an official visit to KU in conjunction with Midnight Madness in October. He has an official set for Indiana this weekend, but with all the controversy surrounding IU and the Chaney transfer from Utah, I have to think we are leading for Arthur's services. Also, Midnight Madness is a GREAT recruiting tool. The fans will be primed with Arthur signs. It's hard to say "no" to KU when everybody knows your name and face before you're even a KU student.

I'm not sure the Chaney transfer is a done deal, at this point, however (more on that in a second), and since he's only 6'4", I see him being more of an impediment in the Brandon Rush situation than with Arthur. One player, however, who might figure into the Arthur equation is the chimeric Cem Dinc, a supposedly athletic German Turk of whom Gregg Doyel says the following:

But Indiana doesn't have a center like Dinc, whose arrival could push the Hoosiers to the top of the Big Ten. Dinc told Smith on Wednesday that he will visit Indiana early next week. Dinc also is being courted by North Carolina, Smith said, and could visit the Tar Heels next week as well -- but a visit to Indiana is the only one Dinc has arranged.

The big issue is that Indiana has only one scholarship (update: per this article, due to the transfer of Dutchman Lucas Steijn, IU will have two scholarships available for the coming year, which pretty much unravels a lot of the speculation below). And in Doyel's article, linked above, they appear to be in discussions with three players for that one schollie. I'm confident that Indiana is out of the running for Brandon Rush, and according to Doyel, Chaney is also not going to happen for them:

A source close to Utah transfer Richard Chaney said the shooting guard won't end up at Indiana, contrary to Chaney's own announcement earlier this week. In the Utah news release announcing Chaney's departure on Monday, the player said he would be transferring to Indiana.

Not going to happen, the source said. A more likely destination is Long Beach State.

So if any of you suckas just hitten the East side of the L-B-C, please get you on a mission to find one Rick Chaney.

So how does this all fit together?

Well, Darrel Arthur is a 6'9" big. Cem Dinc is about his size. If Indiana gets Dinc, they *may have issues luring Arthur in. By precipitating a Dinc committment to IU this year, a Brandon Rush committment to KU this year could theoretically increase our odds of getting Arthur next year.

That would be a pretty impressive coup for Bill Self, the mention of whose name in the presence of any of the Illini faithful brings about a visible flareup of belly fire.