It's official: Late Night is Early this year

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. The NCAA decided to change things this year, allowing teams to 'practice' five hours earlier. Instead of the traditional Midnight Madness, KU will begin scrimmaging at 7 pm on 10/14. This might seem great, but I have a feeling that the law of unintended consequences will be in full effect, and that after a bad experience this year, Late Night will be later next year (unless you all make some noise).

By trying to make Late Night more accessible, the NCAA will likely make it less accessible. For example, if people are willing to get to the Fieldhouse at 7 pm to start waiting for Midnight, knowing they'll be enduring a short night's sleep, what time will they be willing to ge there for a 7 pm start?

I work till about 5:30. For me to get to Late Night before it starts, or before, more likely, the doors close, I'd have to take a half day at work. The Man wouldn't like that at all. I can understand starting it at 10, to preserve some of the mystique that makes Late Night special, but a 7 o'clock start is lame.

I won't go in great detail to the fact that KU loses its recruiting advantage with Late Night as well. The Tour de France is won in the Mountains and in the time trials, not on the flat stages, when your decent professional cyclist can keep up. Not just any school can have people spilling out the doors to catch a loose 40 minute scrimmage that ends at 1:15 am, and that's impressive to recruits.

It's not going to happen, but I would be proud of the KUAD if they decided to keep with tradition and have Late Night at least a little later. It would be better for everybody. If you agree, call the athletic department. You can reach Associate AD, Jim Marchiony at +1 785 864 3359, or email him at I would make the subject line something like Keep Late Night Late. This is going to be no good for anybody if it happens. Even the families who think they'll be getting to watch won't be able to, because AFH will be packed to its ever-loving gills by quarter till five.

Make enough noise with KUAD, and you'll get to attend Late Night at its regularly scheduled time slot.