Jim Marchiony's Response

This morning, I wrote Jim Marchiony, Associate AD at KU, a brief letter detailing my concerns about the earliness of what used to be Late Night. Much to my surprise, within about an hour, Mr. Marchiony delivered the response below:

Jeremy: Many thanks for your e-mail and for being a Phanatic! We're working hard to make KU an even better place.

I understand your points, but besides the family-friendly time, there are other reasons for moving it earlier. ESPNU is going from one time zone to the other and devoting an hour each to the best 'Late Nights.' It looks like Kansas will be one of them, and the time slot they have for us is 8 p.m. Central time. In addition, the lateness of Late Night has made the next day's practices, for the most part, useless. We'd rather see the kids get more rest so they can be ready for the first 'real' practice the next day.

I think you're out of luck on this one! But it doesn't mean we don't appreciate your thoughts, believe me. It'll be a great night, and look at it this way...all the restaurants will still be open afterwards!

First of all, I was and remain impressed by the fact that Marchiony is on the ball enough to respond, and to do so promptly and cheerfully.

I still disagree with the assertion that a 7 o'clock tip will be more family friendly, because I still believe that the demand for seats will outstrip supply by about 4 pm, thus leaving those who couldn't get in line early out in the cool Autumn air.

I do however agree with Marchiony's other points however. We do stand to benefit from coverage on ESPN, even if it's only on "The U".

However, the thing I came away with from this discourse is the fact that the Associate AD is with it enough to respond and to respond quickly. This gives me great feelings about the direction our program is headed in general under such good management. Mr. Marchiony, I assure you, if we run into one another after Early Night is over, the first round is on me.