New IU Commit Leaves Rush Few Options

With the announcement today that IU has landed international player Cem Dinc, it seems that the options for Brandon Rush are rapidly closing up. According to one Indianapolis newspaper, which Jeremy so eloquently quoted and linked in a comment on Phog Blog earlier this week, IU had only one scholarship available. That free pass has been tendered to the 6-10 Turkish-German wing player. That means IU is no longer an option for Rush. Classes have been underway at KU for a week now, but still no announcement. Perhaps he has been auditing classes, but I doubt it. Even if the NCAA Clearinghouse gave Rush its blessing today, he would already be a week behind in all of his classes.

In short, the longer the delay, the less likely it is that Rush will ever be a Jayhawk.

What options would be left for him? Perhaps a year in the NBDL. I don't see him going down that path. When asked about the NBDL in the past, Rush has made very negative comments, including one gem that he couldn't even name one team in that league. Maybe classes at USC start later than they do at KU. Who knows.

I sure hope that the academic advisors in the athletic department have guided Rush to start going to class, even if he's not enrolled, so that he can immediately start his KU career when the NCAA Clearinghouse gets around to approving him.