Rush Enrolled

Brandon Rush visited Strong Hall on Friday. According to the Lawrence Journal World, he has officially enrolled in classes at KU. If he attends class on Monday, he will be committed to KU and can't choose another school without transfer penalties. Rush has been notably quiet during this process, which has been agonizing for this Jayhawk fan. He did tell the paper, though, that all of his paperwork is in to the NCAA Clearinghouse and that he expect final academic approval to be granted on Monday.

When he gets the NCAA's blessing to accept a scholarship and play, Brandon will likely issue a statement to the press. Anticlimactic?!?! We've known for almost two weeks that he has been spending lots of time in Lawrence with team members. He has been playing in pickup games with team members. Hopefully, academic advisors had him auditing classes or working with tutors so he isn't too far behind (KU's classes started several days ago).

One final thing: Did anyone see any of the pickup games involving Rush, Travis Releford, and several of the KU players? I'd love a report!