Root for Carolina in the Hawes Recruiting War

I know it doesn't seem right . . . a Jayhawk fan suggesting that the KU family root for Carolina in the Spencer Hawes recruiting battle. Other than Oden, Hawes is perhaps the most prized recruit in the 2006 class. So why root for Carolina to get him? Cole Aldrich, the prized 6-10 recruit on the Jayhawk 2007 wish list, has two front runners - you guessed it, KU and Carolina. Aldrich was first recruited by KU in the seventh grade, under then head coach Roy Williams. Now that Roy is at Carolina, Aldrich is seemingly down to two serious contenders for his services.

So this Jayhawk fan says "GO CAROLINA BLUE" in the Spencer Hawes recruiting fight. Hawes and Aldrich play the same position. Sure Hawes is likely to be one or two and done, but Aldrich will not want to play second fiddle in the Carolina orchestra. In other words, if UNC lands Hawes, then KU's chances with Aldrich are that much better.

Hawes has narrowed his list to four schools - UNC, Stanford, UConn, and Washington. In setting up his official visits, however, Hawes has only made arrangements with UNC and Stanford. No arrangements have been made with UConn and Washington, which seemingly indicates that their chances of getting a commitment from Hawes are waning.

Also, Stanford is a school that peaks Hawes interests academically (he is a GREAT student), but they have to be considered a longshot given that Stanford already has 2006 commitments from the Lopez twins. Both are big physical and skilled inside players, Brook a PF and his brother a Center. In other words, choosing Stanford would mean Hawes might have to share playing time with another top-10 talent (or 2).

Here's hoping Roy lands another terriffic recruit, Spencer Hawes.