How to help New Orleans

On Monday, it looked as if New Orleans had been spared from the worst of damage from Hurricane Katrina, and I think it was. But the creeping flood that no one predicted has settled in and things are still getting worse. Indeed, it's getting a lot worse and will probably continue to do so for the next several days as the rainwater soaked Lake Ponchartrain waters continue to pour into the cityy. I'm compiling a list of ways that we fellow Americans can help our suffering countrymen and women. Other bloggers have done a lot of legwork here, but it can't hurt to add the information. If you're looking to donate money to relief agencies, Instapundit provides a list, which he will be updating as he gets new information. Here's his current list:

FLOOD AID UPDATE: Here are some places you can donate to hurricane Katrina relief: (Bumped to top -- scroll down for current posts.)

American Red Cross

Catholic Charities is involved, and probably has lots of resources to draw on in the heavily Catholic New Orleans area.

Austin Bay is recommending Episcopal Relief and Development.

Liz at Rightalk suggests that animal lovers donate to the Humane Society.

Here's a link to Mennonite Disaster Services. The Sanity Inspector says they're highly efficient.

Reader Peter Viditto recommends The Mercy Corps

Here's the link for Methodist Relief.

The Salvation Army does good work. (WalMart just gave them a million dollars, but that's just the barest beginning of what's needed.)

Hugh Hewitt recommends Samaritan's Purse

Scott Ott recommends Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

Also, the good folks at Boing Boing point us to one unique relief effort: If you have a boat that could potentially be used for rescue, follow this link.

In the spirit of New Orleans resident Paul's instructions, Boing Boing also points us to an effort to use Google Earth to help residents discover the condition of their and their families' neighborhoods using map overlays.

People are desperate for information. Anything you can do to help, even if it's small, please do it.