KU to play in Hurricane Relief Game - NCAA Stalls relief efforts

It's a great idea, I think. It looks like KU will be playing the University of New Orleans on December 29th at Allen Fieldhouse, and that ESPN will be picking up the game nationally. That will really help out UNO from a revenue perspective, even if they get pounded. Bill Self's dad had another idea that I think is a great one - have every team play an extra exhibition game and give all the proceeds to hurricane relief. :

"We wouldn't even call it a third exhibition game, but call it the ‘Hurricane Relief Game' with everybody pushing it across America," Self said. "I think with support of the coaches and media backing it, it would be a home run. I think a great amount of dollars could be raised on one given night."

Self, who is a board member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, spoke with current Southern Cal and former New Orleans coach Tim Floyd several times about the idea. It eventually was presented to the NCAA, which apparently is not interested.

Imagine that. The NCAA not being interested. Granted there are some logistical hurdles, but if the teams are both willing and able to play exhibition games and donate the money, what could be the harm in it? Why not pit KU versus Duke, televise the game, and donate the ticket sales to charity? Why not raise tens of millions to help the displaced recover from the devastation of Katrina? Why not pass the hat or auction off memorabilia all at the same time?

Because the NCAA is a bureacracy, and bureacracies, as a rule, lack imagination. I'm calling you out NCAA - get it together and do something constructive. It will be a PR win for you, so stop making excuses and get your butt in gear.