USAToday on Sherron Collins, Darrel Arthur and your beloved Jayhawks

Rob Harrington waxes speculative in addressing just what is at stake in upcoming visits and explores the "top uncommitted players" as we approach prime visiting season. Definitely worth the read, but if it's the powdered condensed Jayhawk soup version that you can pack in a lunch thermos and sneak while your boss isn't looking, here it is:

Sherron Collins

Who's Involved: Kansas (Oct. 14), Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Connecticut

What's At Stake: Arguably the top point guard in the class, Collins didn't truly emerge as an elite talent until the spring. His recruitment also was hindered by academic difficulties, which Collins hopes to address sufficiently this year. Further, his availability for visits is handcuffed by his football career, something he continues to enjoy despite the very high expectations for him in hoops. Caveats aside, Collins' recruitment has reignited furious enmity between fans at Kansas and Illinois, who watched helplessly as Bill Self strode into his old Illinois stomping grounds last year to nab Julian Wright. Chicago sources believe Kansas may lead for Collins as well, but the Illini have brought plenty of intensity to the fray and stand toe-to-toe with the Jayhawks. The scheduled visit to Lawrence could be very significant; no school consistently wows recruits with its Midnight Madness festivities more than Kansas, a pattern that blossomed under Roy Williams and has extended to the reign of Self.

Darrell Arthur

Who's Involved: Kansas (Oct. 14), Baylor (Sept. 23), Texas, North Carolina (Sept. 30), Indiana, SMU (Oct. 21)

What's At Stake: Opinions vary as to which school leads for Arthur. There's a heavy instate presence on the Dallas native's list, and he has admitted to having a strong affinity for home, yet traditional powers such as Kansas, UNC and Indiana also remain in the hunt. An Arthur pledge to Baylor or SMU might be considered the recruiting coup of the year, and if the Hoosiers could steal him away they immediately would reclaim some positive national press. Both the Jayhawks (again, notice the Midnight Madness timing of his visit) and Tar Heels have playing time available in their frontcourts.