Morningstar Commits

Brady Morningstar, a former Lawrence Free State High School basketball standout, will play hoops with the Jayhawks after a year at prep school. He gave Coach Self the commitment over the weekend. It is clear that Morningstar is not yet ready to play at KU's level, but hopefully a year of prep school and additional high-level competition will help him improve. A year of maturity will help as well.

When I first heard the news, I wondered whether Morningstar will be a recruited walk on or scholarship player. The initial articles have not answered this question for me. Considering the interest he had from mid-major programs before deciding to go the prep school route, I have to think that he'll be a scholarship player. Turgeon at Wichita State was all over this kid, but he has always said, from day one, that he wanted to be a Jayhawk.

It's always good to have players with heart and loyalty, and Morningstar has loads of both. Still, I don't know what to think about this move. Morningstar is a good player, but . . . Well I'm sure that Self and his staff know what they're doing.