Bring on B-Ball Boot Camp!

6:00 a.m. arrived early this morning for the KU basketball players. That's when Coach Self's infamous boot camp started. For two weeks, players will "do everything right." They'll start the day with conditioning drills lasting between 1-2 hours. Early morning workouts are followed by classes on campus, individual workouts, medical attention, weightlifting, unsupervised pickup games, and sessions with academic tutors.

Make a mistake, and you pay - by running! Make a mistake, and the entire team pays - by running! I'll bet that peer pressure to "do everything right" is a powerful force. No one will cut class. No one will be late for anything. No one will give any coach a dose of attitude.

In my view, nothing could be more positive. The kids will be ready when practice begins in mid-October, and the boot camp will set the right tone for the players - physically, mentally, and academically.

Bravo Coach Drill Sergeant Self!