The Future of KU Hoops: Let's keep Morningstar in Perspective

Questions . . . surprise . . . curiosity . . . The KU faithful seem to have experienced all of these reactions to the Morningstar commitment. But let's keep it all in perspective. KU appears to have built its house of stone, not sticks, and I don't think any Big Bad Wolf will blow our house down any time soon.

Jonathan posted this comment on PHOGBLOG, and I thought it was particularly insightful:

We might have more recruits than players at Early Evening with Bill Self!

Actually, I was wondering if anyone thought we have TOO many recruits. I mean, Jeremy Price already committed to Georgia; I could see his teammate Lance Storrs following him there. Muonelo has reportedly cooled on us, and George Goode doesn't seem interested in staying local with us. We might see some recruits flake on us, but does it seem like alot to anyone else?

Oh well, at least most of our "targets" are coming this year. If we snag Arthur, Collins, and later Legion/Rose, Aldrich, Releford and CJ's brother Xavier Henry over the next few classes, I'll reserve Final Four tix for the forseeable future!

Ditto, Jonathan. I couldn't agree more!