Hawes to Washington: Pay Attention KU Fans!

Spencer Hawes, arguably the best high school basketball player in the country not named Greg Oden, has announced his commitment to Washington. I was rooting for Roy to win this fight, but Lorenzo Romar beat out UNC and Stanford for this blue chipper. What does that mean for KU? Well, Hawes commitment to Washington leaves a gap at UNC to fill. Hawes was Roy's number one target. Now that Hawes is off the board, Roy will turn his attention to Durrell Arthur and Cole Aldrich, two of KU's primary recruiting targets.

In the case of Aldrich, Roy and company started recruiting him in the sixth grade (of course, while Roy was at KU). Fortuantely, Roy did a great job selling him on KU. Aldrich has continued close connection with Self, and he has made unofficial campus visits. For whatever reason, Roy left Aldrich alone for almost a year - very little, if any, contact. Maybe he did that because he was focused on Hawes. Nevertheless, Roy reentered the picture a few months ago and will be a player in the Aldrich recruiting story.

As for Arthur, he visited UNC last weekend. I certainly think that Hawes announcement will impact Arthur's decision as well. KU and UNC have been going head-to-head for Arthur for some time now. There are other players in his recruitment, however. Texas schools are appealing to this quiet giant who might like to stay close to home. In fact, UNC is the only school outside of the plains states that he is still considering.

Both Arthur and Aldrich will be in attendance at Late Night in the Phog. KU fans need to show their love for these two.