Obi Muonelo Chooses Oklahoma State

Most had considered Mr. Muonelo a virtual lock (myself excluded) to go to OSU. I had hoped that Late Early Night would have had a profound effect on Obi, but sadly, such was not the case - he'll be playing for one and/or both of the Suttons now. An interesting window into the transitional recruiting strategy can befound in one of Muonelo's quotes:

"Everybody's making a big deal about Eddie probably not being their coach much longer," he said of veteran coach Eddie Sutton, "but Sean Sutton (associate head coach who someday will succeed his dad) has actually been calling the shots for about two years now."

I suppose it depends on what one means by calling the shots. Maybe he runs practices, but Coach Sutton the Elder clearly leaves his mark on the players in a way he will not be doing when he is gone.