Wayne Simien at risk of not making Heat roster?

The Miami Heat have been busy this off season. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel asks 15 questions about the upcoming season, and I was frankly surprised when I read this about our man Wayne:

6. What about the rest of the rotation?

The first three off the bench figure to be Payton, Walker and Alonzo Mourning. From there, figure the ninth man to be Shandon Anderson when perimeter defense is needed and perhaps rookie Matt Walsh or Kapono if offense is needed. The final spots on the active roster figure to go to Michael Doleac and, perhaps, Dorell Wright.

7. And the rest of the roster?

That would leave first-round pick Wayne Simien, free-agent rookie center Earl Barron, rookie free-agent point guard Gerald Fitch and perhaps Wright as leading candidates for the three-man inactive list. On the outside looking in figures to be second-year Andre Emmett, the guard acquired from Memphis in the Posey-Williams trade, and possibly Fitch, Barron or Walsh.

From starter talk to inactive in three and a half months? At least Wayne's getting guaranteed money.